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Healthy Eating

Eating healthy can be easier than you think.

Exercise Regimen

Personalized workout plans to use for life.

Eat Fresh

Learn what fresh foods to look for at the grocery.


Take the right essential vitamins and supplements.

About Us

Healthy Choices
With Complete Nutrition

We offer online nutritional therapy and counseling programs that deliver guidance and support when and where you need it.

Complete Nutrition is a personalized online nutrition and weight management coaching service that promises to provide tools needed to take control of your health. Our services include managing chronic diseases, obesity, and diabetes. It is not a diet, it is not a cleanse but a lifestyle change to get long term results. Our online approach fits your busy schedule by being a click away, as well as face to face options.

Nutritional Therapy and Counseling

Personalized Services

Weight Management

Want to lose a few pounds or lose several pounds out of medical necessity? Let our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist help you with that.


Let our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist work with you to customize a nutrition program to help you control your blood pressure.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Our experts offer Medical Nutrition Therapy to patients with CKD and consultation to dialysis facilities and kidney treatment centers.

Diabetes Management

Our experts offer Medical Nutrition Therapy to manage diabetes helping to develop lifestyle modification, which includes diet and exercise.

Learn to Shop for the Right Groceries

Customized Supermarket Tour

During these customized tours we can help you identify opportunities to buy healthful foods at reasonable prices and read food labels to understand serving size and identify healthy ingredients.

Select the Best Nutritional Plan for You

There is an initial $25 consultation fee (cancellation required 24 hours prior to appointment for refund).
Payment installments are scheduled during the first initial consultation.

Kick-Start Program
Initial 60 Minute Consultation
Two Follow-Up Sessions
Personalized Nutrition and Meal Plan
Healthy Food Tips and Recommendations

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Rejuvenate Program
Everything in Kick-Start, plus:
One Extra Follow-Up Session
One Cooking Session
One Fitness Session

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Healthy Pro Program
Everything in Elevation, plus:
One Extra Follow-Up Session
One Extra Cooking Class
One Extra Fitness Class
Facial or Therapeutic Massage

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Additional Nutritional and Fitness Services

It is time to BALANCE your life & nourish your soul!

For an additional fee, Complete Nutrition can add virtual cooking lessons and personal training session that brings transformational results.

Health Insurance Plans

How does Insurance Coverage work for a nutritionist or dietitian?

Complete Nutrition accepts Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shields, WellPoint, and Amerigroup insurance.

Please check with your insurance provider to see if you have nutritionist or dietitian coverage as part of your benefits. Many of Complete Nutrition clients have this coverage while others do not.

What We Do

Why Choose Complete Nutrition

Online and Face-to-Face Options

Confidential one-on-one meetings with customized plans to help you reach long term nutritional goals. Remember its a lifestyle change!


Our nutritional program materials teach you the foundation and theory of nutritional science for a successful outcome.

Affordable Plan

Our cost is comparable to monthly fitness training and you are meeting with an independent nutritionist with total solutions to healthy living.