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Carlton Crockett

Carlton Crockett

Chef Instructor
  • Experience
    15 Years
  • Specialization
    Food and Nutrition, Healthy Cooking, Cultural-Based Cooking

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Nutritional Skills

International Master Chef 100%
Private Coaching 85%
Weight Management 85%
Nutrition Education 80%

About Me

Dr. Crockett’s professional career in food service/nutritional science spans 15 years.  His current position is Senior Program Coordinator for Food Safety Systems for the University of the District of Columbia. This position focuses on coordinating and supervising the operation and vendor management of food service within all food hubs to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

His educational background includes an AOS in Culinary Arts, a B.S. in Culinary Arts Management, a M.S. in Nutritional Sciences, and a PhD in Nutritional Sciences.

Dr. Crockett has held numerous leadership positions within the food service industry.  These include Director of Food Distribution for the Arlington Food Assistance Center, Dietary Manager for Woodbine Rehabilitation and Health Care, and Chef Instructor for The Art Institute of Washington.

His first love is serving his community.  While growing up in Buffalo, New York, he would often join his mother when she would volunteer to cook at the local soup kitchens in the neighborhood. This is where he fell in love with cooking.

He loves teaching because it gives him the chance to encourage and inspire future leaders in the food and nutrition industry. His belief is that education opens the mind and the door to limitless possibilities.

Lastly, Dr. Crockett loves to learn.  Even after earning the Ph.D. degree, he will continue to learn.  He feels strongly that it is important to keep growing, and remain committed to being the best he can be.