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Dr. Chimene Castor

Dr. Chimene Castor

  • Experience
    20 Years
  • Specialization
    Diabetes Management, Chronic Kidney Disease

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Nutritional Skills

Nutritional Therapy and Counseling 100%
Medical Nutritional Therapy 100%
Weight Management 100%
Nutrition Education 100%

About Me

Chimene Castor, Ph.D., EdD, RDN, CHES, has 20 years of clinical dietitian nutritionist experience and 15 years of teaching. She completed a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences at Howard University and doctorate degree in Health Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition, Dr. Castor has provided comprehensive medical nutrition therapy, counseling, education, and support in the Caribbean and other international communities. She is passionate about transitioning families and individuals into their “new size fine.”

Available for Speaking Engagements

  1. National (flight, hotels and fees for speaking)
  2. International (flight, hotels, and fees for speaking)